Mezzanine Floor Systems Australia

Mezzanine Floor Systems Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula

Mezzanine Flooring (Raised Platform) is a cost-effective way to increase your usable storage and office space. Mezzanine Online structural mezzanine floors are designed to achieve just this, and they are cheaper than moving locations. This unique system is completely demountable to make relocation easy and the structure of each floor will be carefully considered by our engineer for your required weight loadings. In addition, they are designed and fabricated locally, right here in Australia.

Benefits of our Mezzanine Floor System: 

  • Save $100,000 + in storage fees if your mezzanine floor is 350m2 or more
  • Increase warehouse/ office productivity due to systematic organisation and storage
  • Cost effective construction: mezzanine floors are quick to build making them a cost effective way of increasing floor space and is cheaper than moving warehouses
  • Customisable: from offices to heavy duty storage, Mezzanine Online can customize your mezzanine floors to your specific business